Call 01475 742255 or 0141 404 4300 for a quote

Call 01475 742255 or 0141 404 4300 for a quote

Contract Hire


Contract Hire Operating Lease Services

At Arc Fleet Services, we offer a range of contract hire and vehicle funding options, including sale and rent back of Light Commercial, Heavy Goods Vehicles and Cars, tailored to meet your business needs. In most cases we supply new vehicles, however used vehicles can be supplied to meet small business and local trade circumstances and requirements. Essentially our aim is to source your business with the right vehicle(s), in the most cost effective and seamless way possible.

We have a range of Contract Options Tailor-made to match your Business Needs

Whether you’re a major fleet operator, limited company, sole trader or charity, operating the right vehicles can make an important statement about your organisation. Arc Fleet Services is totally independent from any vehicle manufacturer or dealer network, so we will only supply you with vehicles that meets your business requirements best, not what’s best for us.

At Arc Fleet Services we fully appreciate that our customers require different solutions and we’ll work with you to find the best fit, tailor made to your organisation’s requirements. We understand budgets can have a major influence on fleet decisions and we’ll be aiming for the best value provision by striving to identify potential cost savings and introducing service improvements based on our wealth of experience in the fleet industry. Therefore we can help you deliver quality services and products to your customers. We pass on our volume purchasing discounts, which will help reduce your monthly payments.

Arc Fleet Contract Hire Leasing Services lets you pay for your chosen vehicle with manageable monthly instalments. Depending on the contract service product you choose, you can either own the vehicle, or have the flexibility to decide on ownership, or hand back the vehicle at the end of the contract term.

Whether you need short-term or longer-term vehicle hire, we have the right option for you, and every vehicle is supported by nationwide service 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

If you choose contract hire with maintenance, you’ll benefit from our in-house engineering support and expertise delivered through our service centres. We also have agreements with national third-party maintenance providers, so our infrastructure means we can be close to you, wherever you operate within the UK.


There are three main Contract Service products that you can use to fund your vehicles from us. These area:

Contract Hire

If you don’t want to worry about sourcing, funding, future residual values, maintaining, taxing, MOT reminders, unexpected repair bills, tyre replacement, organising replacement vehicles, vehicle administration, then our contract hire service could be right for you.

Operating Lease/Rental

Operating Lease is a low risk, low cost solution providing the benefits of renting a new or used vehicle for a fixed period, without the risks of final ownership. Perfect for the smaller fleets and doesn’t require a large amount of capital to be paid upfront. The monthly rental is based on the difference between the price of the vehicle at the start of the agreement and its projected residual value at the end. Unlike contract hire you will be responsible for the vehicle maintenance, repairs, tyre replacement, administration etc.

Sale & Rent Back – Release Your Capital

By outright purchasing fleet and plant assets, organisations are tying up significant amounts of capital within their fleet when these funds could potentially be used on more beneficial projects. We offer the option to purchase your current fleet and rent it back to you, over an agreed period, at a competitive rate. This will reduce your administration, overhead and maintenance costs associated with running vehicles and at the same time release valuable working capital enabling the funds to be utilised for your business needs. As the vehicles are rented back to you at a fixed monthly charge, you’ll be able to establish a clear budget over the hire period.