Call 01475 742255 or 0141 404 4300 for a quote

Call 01475 742255 or 0141 404 4300 for a quote

Fully oursourced fleet services


We provide tailor-made solutions to meet your budget and operational requirements

With over 50 years experience in fleet services and transportation sectors, ARC Fleet Services is in the best position to partner our customers and complement their fleet requirements. We can provide single short term hire, a minor accident repair or a fully outsourced fleet management solution, dependent on our client and customer needs.
We constantly strive to improve our range of services, challenging our business model regularly as we seek to deliver operational and financial benefits through the buy-manage-sell fleet life cycle.
We offer piece of mind with our fully outsourced fleet management solution. We take care of the day to day management of your vehicle requirements, leaving our customers to focus on their core business provision.

Utilising Existing Infrastructure and Transfer of Staff

We have a wealth of experience in utilising customers’ existing facilities/infrastructure and staff transfers. We have successfully transferred large workforce’s into our employment under TUPE.

We can offer our clients options of new build premises, full or part utilisation of existing premises. We are totally flexible in our approach and will only make recommendations after an in depth review and full consultation and understanding of our client’s and end user requirements.

Whole Life Vehicle Management

Arc Fleet Services can take the pain out of managing vehicles by managing the whole-life vehicle process, including:

This allows us to ensure that our customers maximise each vehicle’s residual value.