Call 01475 742255 or 0141 404 4300 for a quote

Call 01475 742255 or 0141 404 4300 for a quote

Leasing Commercial Vehicles – Tax Benefits for you and your company

Arc Fleet Services can help you save money for your business and take advantage of tax savings when it comes to commercial vehicles and leasing.

Commercial vehicle leasing is a popular type of agreement for vans, light commercial vehicles as well as heavy goods vehicles – allowing you to afford the ideal vehicle for your needs without large outlays.

Wondering what the benefits are of leasing commercial vehicles from Arc?

Low initial deposits
No need to pay the full cost of the vehicle up front – helping your business cash flow
Volume discounts factored into your hire rate that we receive from manufacturers
Full maintenance packages included including 24 hour / 365-day recovery
Fixed costs throughout the duration of your leasing contract
Your ability to claim back 100% of the VAT on rentals

Contact our team by phone on 01475 742255 or email to discuss your requirements and discuss how we can help you make the most of the tax saving benefits available to you and your business.

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